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Naranja Valencia Verde

Effect of BioUltra (brassinosteroids) on the establishment of Valencia orange fruits (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck).


Effect of BioUltra (brassinosteroids) on the accumulation of biomass in lettuce plants (Lactuca sativa L.)


Effect of bioestimulat effect of TRICHOMAX WP, KLAMIC WP and SeaMaxx on development of pineapple plants (Ananas comosus cv. MD-2)


Effect of the Tripzell 20 SC application (Fipronil) on the population of Solenopsis sp. ants in the pineapple crop (Ananas comosus VAR MD2) in Finca Matas – HODA


HLB and other stress factors – understanding the challenge of citriculture in the Tropics


Efficacy of silver citrate (Bacsan 0.24 sl) on the control of erwinia bacterial disease (Erwinia chrysanthemi) in MD-2 pineapple.

Efecto EC Piña

Phytotoxic effect of foliar appplied fertilizer solutions applied on MD-2 pineapple crop (Ananas comosus)


Effect of Auxigro ph on the productivity of the melon crop (Cucumis melo) of the Natal variety applied in two different phenological stages.

The effect of Auxigro ph® + Greenplants Zn + Greenplants B in doses of 300 g, 0.5 L and 0.25 L ha-1 respectively by foliar application was evaluated at two different application intervals: 25-31 days after transplant (DDT) and 28-34 DDT.
Control de Hormiga

Control de hormiga negra (Solenopsis spp.) por Tripzell 20 SC en áreas de cultivo de naranja y residualidad del activo en frutos de árboles productivos.

Se evaluó la eficacia de Tripzell 20 SC (Fipronil) en la reducción de poblaciones de hormigas Solenopsis sp, en finca Matas-HODA ubicada en el caribe de Costa Rica.