Sustainable solutions
for a dynamic productive sector

Our research areas

  • Crop nutrition

  • Solar protection & abiotic stress mitigation

  • Biorational agriculture

  • Postharvest management

  • Stewardship

  • Root Health

  • Crop protection

  • Plant physiology

Benefits of research

Development of new knowledge

Trials, tests, investigations, evaluations, sampling

Market trends analysis

Permanent monitoring of variables and actors of the agricultural market

Technical shield of the company

We ensure to maintain quality without losing competitiveness of the crop

Knowledge transfer

We coordinate activities to share technical information and reports.


Our research services guarantee the objectivity and neutrality of our findings. That is a very important differentiating factor.

Non-Negotiable Aspects


Quality is not on the table. Every work has to be approved and approval must be made based on the highest standards of professionalism.


Every idea is a hypothesis that has to be proved by the scientific method and the tools that this method recognizes. It is not possible to improve things that cannot be measured so it is fundamental to make variables numerically tangible and to quantify them.


The objectivity and impartiality of the members of LIFE is the pillar of its credibility and sustainability. There should be no biases either in design, sampling, or in the application of treatments, much less in the analysis of results. This ensures LIFE's independence and gives it the necessary neutrality to be able to focus on the details.

Freedom of thought

Innovation requires creativity and it only lives in freedom. Those who are part of LIFE will be free to raise ideas under the principle that any idea should and must be heard but never judged.Some ideas may not be developed or may be postpone, but such decisions should never be made without objective analysis and without taking into account the actual availability of resources.

The Experimental Station located in the heart of the tropic allows us to have the facilities to investigate with the highest quality standards.